Changing your Haiilo cloud URL

In the Haiilo cloud, the subdomain can be changed, e.g.,, but doing so affects your Haiilo environment. All existing links to and within your Haiilo won't work after the change. The best example is all of the links posted on your timelines, which will lead nowhere after a URL change. As a result, in practice, we would advise against changing the URL as it has unpleasant effects for your users:

  • Bookmark saved in the browser won't work.
  • The cache must be completely cleared.
  • Existing links within Haiilo aren't changed and won't work anymore.
  • All widgets that work with permanent URLs need to be customized (e.g., the downloads widget, bookmarks) and possibly the launchpad links.
  • If you have a white-label app from Haiilo, it must be adapted into a new version.

Only Haiilo can update the subdomain for you, so please contact our Customer Success team for assistance. To do this, you create a ticket for our service desk. If you have a white-label app, please inform us so we can adjust it in time.

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