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This feature is currently being phased out and will be removed from Haiilo.

The tasks app is the ideal way for you to organize tasks in a team or in projects. With the help of lists, you can structure your tasks in a targeted way.

If you add the tasks app to a workspace or page, you can customize the following elements in the creation process for the app:

  • Name: Specify the name of your app here.
  • Active: If the check mark has been added, the app is visible for all users, otherwise only admins can see it.
  • Manage tasks: This allows you to control who can create and manage individual tasks.
  • Manage task list: This allows you to control who can create and manage task lists.


All it takes is these few settings and you have already integrated the app.


Create tasks

To do this, simply click on the field "Create task". Once you type in a title for the new task, the other setting options automatically open:

  • Due date: Here you can enter the date on which the task should be completed.

  • Description: Here you can add details to the task.

  • Person responsible: Here you can specify a responsible person for the task. From the list of your employees, you can only choose one responsible person per task.


Edit/delete tasks

You can edit or delete a created task at any time using the three dots behind it. If you add a tick, you mark it as completed. If you want to delete all of the completed tasks at once, you can do this by selecting "Delete completed tasks" under the completed tasks.


Sort tasks

The tasks are listed in chronological order in the overview. The latest task is at the top, older ones gradually move further down. If you click on a task and keep the mouse button pressed, you can move it up, down or to another list as you wish.



Lists are a handy way to also structure the tasks by theme. Creating, editing, and sorting lists in the tasks app is reserved for community admins in the default settings and must be changed by an admin either when creating the app or later on.

Create lists

With the corresponding permission, you can add further lists within the tasks app. You can find "Add list" in the left-hand area of the app. Assign a name, press Enter and the new list is created.


Edit lists

If you hover over the entries in the page list, the gear wheel for editing will be displayed for the respective list. Here you can...

  • change the name of the list,
  • select a colored marking for the list or
  • delete the list.


Sort lists

The task lists are displayed in chronological order. The latest list is at the top, older ones gradually move further down. Next to the gear wheel, you can see a symbol with arrows. By clicking on this symbol, you can move the selected list up or down. Bear in mind: You have to click and hold on the element to move it. 



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