Tasks app

We are discontinuing this feature, so it will be removed from Haiilo in the future.

The Tasks app is the perfect solution for organizing tasks within a team or project. You can structure your tasks in a more focused manner using lists. Lists are a convenient way to group tasks by theme.

Set up the app

Once you've added a Tasks app to your page or community, you can configure it. Also, read Apps overview for general information on apps.

  • Name: Give your app a meaningful name that best reflects its topic and use case.
  • Activate this app: Activate it immediately or leave it in the deactivated mode. A deactivated app is only visible to admins of a page or community. The app is in draft mode.
  • URL: By default, the URL is generated from the app's name, but you can change it to something else. Any old links leading to the app won't work anymore after you change it.
  • Manage tasks: Select who can create and manage individual tasks: Admins or Everyone.
  • Manage task lists: Select who can create and manage task lists: Admins or Everyone.

Create a task

  1. Select a task list to create a task in
  2. In the Create task... field, start typing a title for your new task. Only the title field is mandatory when creating a task.
  3. Select a due date for when the task should be completed
  4. Provide a description of the task
  5. Assign the task to a user. You can only choose one assignee per task.
  6. Select Create to create the task


Manage tasks

  • Mark completed: Check the box next to the task to complete it.
  • Edit: Select to edit the task's information. 
  • Delete: Select to delete the task. You can delete all completed tasks by selecting Clear completed tasks under the Completed heading.
  • Sort: Tasks are sorted in chronological order by due date. You can sort tasks manually by dragging and dropping.


Create a task list

  1. Select Add list in the left column
  2. Enter a name and press Enter to create the list


Manage task lists

  • Edit: Select the gear icon to edit the task list's information. You can also change the list color by inputting a HEX code or choosing a color from the pop-up.
  • Delete: Select the gear icon followed by Delete to delete the task list.
  • Sort: Task lists are sorted in chronological order by creation date. You can sort task lists manually by dragging and dropping.


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