User administration: User types/statuses

In the administration of Haiilo, you can filter the different user types according to their status. To do this, go to the "User administration" item and click on the filter icon.


Active user

These users are full members of your Haiilo Home. They have been activated by an admin, have accepted the terms of use (if you use any) and can log in.

Inactive user

These users have already been created by an admin or synchronized with the user directory, but are not activated and therefore cannot log in. This category only occurs if you do not use terms of use.

Hidden user

These users are activated, but have not yet initially registered with Haiilo Home and have not (yet) accepted the Terms of Use. These users can log in after accepting the terms of use.

Deleted user

These users have been removed from your interface by an admin. How deleted users are handled afterwards is up to you. In the administration you can specify under "General settings" whether a deleted user should be anonymized. Simply check the box. If this check mark is not set, the real name remains with contributions in Haiilo Home. There is no user profile stored anymore.

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