Understanding account statuses

User accounts can have different statuses in Haiilo:

  • Active: These users are full members of your Haiilo platform. They've been activated, accepted the terms of use (if applicable), and can log in and use the platform.
  • Inactive: These users cannot log in and use the platform. They've not yet been activated or have been deactivated.
    • A new user can be inactive if they've been created as inactive either locally by an admin or based on settings in your user directory setup. To allow them to access, you have to activate them.
    • A user that has previously used the platform can be deactivated by an admin when they, e.g., go on temporary leave. A deactivated user's information and activities are still visible to other users on the platform.
  • Hidden: These users are activated but have not yet accepted the terms of use. When they try to log in to the platform, they see the terms of use and have to accept them before they can access it. This status is only used when the terms of use feature is enabled.
  • Deleted: These users have been deleted from your platform by an admin or based on settings in your user directory setup. A deleted user's information and activities can remain visible to other users on your platform, but they can also be anonymized, whereby their information isn't visible anymore. If a user's been deleted but hasn't been anonymized, they can still be restored.

The User management list is default-filtered to show only active users. You can apply filters to the list to view users with different statuses on your platform. To do this, select the filter icon.

filter user status in users list.png

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