Browser notifications

If the admins have activated browser notifications, you have the option to receive browser pop-up notifications for news updates. It's up to the individual user to decide if they want to enable this feature within their Notification settings.

  1. Activate notifications for your Haiilo platform in your browser settings. The settings for displaying notifications depend on which browser you are using.
  2. Activate browser notifications in Haiilo. Every user can find this from their user profile drop-down > Notifications. You can choose which event types you'd like to be notified of:
    • Subscriptions: New notifications in the Subscriptions tab
    • Discussion: New notifications in the Discussion tab
    • Messages: Someone sends you a chat message
    • Posts: Someone posts on your personal profile's timeline

You can enable a sound notification in your browser for new notifications. When you have the Haiilo platform open in a tab, a notification sound will be heard when new notifications arrive.

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