Add external users to communities

You have the opportunity to invite external parties to communities in your Haiilo. This is a sensible and helpful option if you, for instance, are working on a project with a service provider and are organizing the collaboration via a community. We'll explain to you how that works in this article. 


An external user is also unable to log in via SSO if they have not been invited to a community.


To use this feature, you need to have these permissions, at least:

  • Access homepages

  • Access communities

  • Create communities

  • Edit communities

  • Invite external community members

Invite external users

To invite an external user to a community, go to the member overview of the desired community ("Members"). Then select "Invite externals" in the menu "Invite". You can then enter the e-mail addresses of the desired users.
[video-to-gif output image] 
  • Please note that you have to confirm the entry of an e-mail address with the Enter key for it to be accepted. 
  • Please note that the link is only valid for 24 hours. This timeframe can't be extended.

An external user's permissions

You can find the permissions of external users in the overview of the role. The role is called "External Community Member". It has these permissions: 

These permissions cannot currently be customized individually. 

Perspective of an external user

When an external user logs in, they only see "Communities" and "Events" in the menu. "Communities" in the menu guides the user directly towards a community if they are only a member of one. Otherwise, they see the overview of several communities: 


"Can an external user...?"

  • ...access the timeline of one of my employees?

    No, that’s not possible. External employees can only see the info pages of employees who are also members of the community.
    This allows the service providers to always have access to contact details.

  • ...specifically search through the content of communities?

    No, only names can be found via the community search, not content.

  • ...easily join a community?

    No, as they cannot see any further content within your Haiilo, they cannot follow pages, and cannot join communities. They must be specifically invited to a community.

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