Visibility of communities

The creator or administrator of a community can set the visibility of a community.


You can choose between public, protected, and private.

  • Public communities and their content can be seen and found by all users. Any user can join them.
  • Protected communities can be seen and found by all users. The content is only visible to members of the community. 
    Users can request access or be invited. The community administrator decides whether a user is allowed to join the closed community.
  • Private communities and their content can only be seen by members. People only become members by being invited by an admin.

Why is there no auto-subscribe function for communities?

Membership of communities is voluntary. No one can be "forced" to receive updates about a project.

If it’s crucial that users receive information, a page is a more sensible option. These are ideal for sharing information and offer the opportunity for users to be automatically informed about news. 

Why am I not informed about content from communities in which I am a member/admin?

If you want to be informed about news from your community, you need to subscribe to the community. The default setting is that a user automatically subscribes to a community – no matter whether they initially created it or simply joined it. The bell shows you the current status: If it’s blue, you have subscribed to the community.


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