Inviting users to join communities

Community admins can invite users to join their community. This allows you to ensure that your users are directly invited and informed of the existence of communities that might be relevant to them. However, community participation is always voluntary, so admins cannot force users to join their community.

While admins can invite users to every community, users can also freely join a public community or request access to a protected community from the Communities overview.

Invite a user to join a community

  1. Go to the Communities overview > select your community
  2. In Options, select Members
  3. Select + Invite
  4. Choose if you want to invite users as members or admins. You can also invite external users.
  5. Select the users you want to invite
  6. Select Select

Invited users receive a notification of the invite in the notification bell. Users that have been invited will appear in the Members > Invites section in the community. You can cancel an invitation anytime by selecting the X icon next to their name.

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Notifications for joining a community

Every community member receives a notification once a community they're in reaches a specific number of members, which is considered a milestone. These notifications are sent when a community reaches:

  • 25 members
  • 50 members
  • 100 members
  • 200 members
  • 500 members

These community notifications are fixed and cannot be disabled.

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