Accept an invitation to a community

In Haiilo, there are two ways to view and accept invitations to communities.

Option 1: Notifications

Once you have received an invitation to a community, you are notified by Haiilo – a new notification can be accessed via the bell symbol. Simply click on the notification and accept the invitation. 

Option 2: Filtering in the communities overview

Sometimes the flow of information for a new tool is particularly high in the initial phase and, as users, you are unable to take in all of the information at first glance, such as individual community invitations. In order to nevertheless be able to accept or reject every invitation, you can quickly and easily discover which communities you have already been invited to using the follow method.

You can use the filters to display all unanswered invitations on the communities overview page. In the navigation on the left, you can find the corresponding filter "Invitations" under "Filter by memberships". You are then shown all of the communities to which you have been invited and still have yet to respond to the invitation.

You naturally also receive a notification in the notification bell for every invitation to a community that you receive.

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