Creating communities

You can create communities if you have the "Create community" permission. After creating a community, you can add content to it using apps and widgets.

Create a community

  1. Select Create community in the Communities overview.
  2. Enter a name for your community that corresponds to your team or the project on which you are working. Each community needs a unique name. The name will also be the basis for the automatically assigned page URL.
  3. Optionally, add a description with information on the community's aim or goal.
  4. Optionally, choose categories for your community to guide users in understanding its topic and intention. While creating a community, you can only select existing categories.
  5. Add admins allowed to manage your community. As the community creator, you are automatically an admin. All community admins are displayed in the Members section of the community.
  6. Optionally, you can invite members to your community already during the creation step. However, we recommend creating and designing the community first and inviting members only after it's ready. Communities are based on voluntary participation. You can invite members but can't force someone to be a community member.
  7. With the visibility settings, you determine who can see and join your community. There are three visibility options:
    • Public: These communities and their content can be seen, joined, and found via search by any user in Haiilo. Any user can join a public community.
    • Protected: These communities can be seen and found by all users in the Communities overview. However, the content is only visible to community members. Users can Request access or be invited to join. A community admin decides whether a user is allowed to join the protected community.
    • Private: These communities and their content can only be seen by their members. Users need to be invited by an admin to join. The community cannot be found in the Communities overview or in the search.
  8. If you have the activated multi-language, you can define translations for the community title and description for the languages your platform uses.
    1. Select Activate translations in the upper right corner
    2. Select the community's default language. If you don't offer the community in all platform languages, users will see it in the default language. The default language cannot be changed later.
    3. Select the languages you want the community title and description to be available in
    4. Select Apply
    5. Choose another language in the drop-down and select if you want to copy the default language's title and description over
    6. Translate the title and description into the selected language
    7. Repeat steps 4-5 for all languages you selected to offer translations in
  9. Select Create community to finalize creating it

If you edit a community after it has been created, you can adjust the community URL. However, changing the URL may mean that existing links to this community can no longer be used.

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