Navigation on pages and in communities

On pages and in communities, it’s possible to add an additional navigation block. We refer to these as "app groups". This function makes it easier for users to gain an overview as you can group and sort the available apps in a logical manner.

First, select "Create group" in the options for the page/community.


A new navigation block appears with the title "Navigation". You have the option of giving the new block a meaningful heading to offer orientation to users.

You then need to move the apps. For every app, there is a menu with a gear wheel and arrows pointing in two directions. This becomes visible once you hover the mouse over the respective app. To move the app into the new navigation block, click and hold on the arrows. You can then simply move the app to the desired place.




To perform these actions, you require certain permissions in Haiilo and have to be the administrator of the page/community.

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