Use case: Publish and manage company images

Do you want to publish and manage your company images but don't really know how? No problem! We'll show you what to do!

Our recommendation: the content app and the media widget

The most elegant and most attractive method for users is to use a content app. This then allows layout layers to be moved flexibly and equipped with media widgets.

Your advantage: You can not only choose which images are shown in the preview but can also add more information to the album.


This means that additional galleries can be added flexibly later on or the order can be changed. Simply by adding layout rows and moving widgets. 


A possible basic layout could look like this:


Can I use a documents app instead?

Documents apps are used to manage and distribute files, so uploading and managing your company's images here is also possible. The benefit of storage in the folder system is that your users can download all of the images in one go. However, one of the disadvantages is that there is no preview for the images, as in the media widget.

Folders are also sorted based on the time of their creation, and the images can only be selected for viewing individually. We recommend this version primarily for storing files or for a few images, but not for whole galleries.


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