Use case: Page to assemble knowledge and information

Does this sound familiar? Users save templates on their computers instead of replacing them, important applications take a lot of time to find, and the current policy can only be found in your e-mail inbox. There is a better, more efficient way!

To maximize efficiency, you can create a dedicated page that organizes all accumulated information relevant to all employees in a central location. Depending on your company's size and structure, you can tailor this page to fit your needs. For larger companies, we suggest anchoring the information into thematically appropriate pages such as HR or IT, allowing for a logical arrangement of content.

Aim of the page

Before creating the page, consider its objectives:

  • Making internal and/or external instructions available.
  • Digitalizing and centralizing all policies.
  • Providing a summary of Corporate-Design-compliant templates (e.g., presentations).
  • Collecting company-wide terms (e.g., glossary) in one place.

Set up in Haiilo

The page should be automatically subscribed to by all users, and users cannot unsubscribe from it to ensure the information is distributed to all employees. We suggest using the following apps:


This is what a knowledge base page could look like. The apps used and their purpose are explained below. For a better overview, it's always recommended to use app groups and structure the community's content according to different use cases.

The following apps were used in the example above.

  • Wiki app: The first app group "General" brings together essential instructions and policies through four wiki apps. You can create and update both main articles and sub-articles within these apps.
  • Documents app: The second app group "Documents" contains the company's relevant templates and materials. The best-suited app, in this case, is the documents app. You can store all necessary documents, create new versions, comment on documents, and structure them in folders.
  • Content app: The third app group "Contact" consists of one content app, which shows the contact information of the Internal Communications Team. It is thus helpful to appoint and specify contact persons for the page in the event of any questions from users.

Further tips & tricks

  • Consider adding a form app to request missing information and get feedback on your page.
  • Make your knowledge base more dynamic by adding widgets. For example, the latest wiki articles widget highlights the latest changes.
  • If you also use the Multichannel Communications module, you can add the Multichannel Comms app to showcase posts created in the Studio as they otherwise would not appear in the Timeline App. 

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