Use case: Community for an interest group

How do you get your employees to adopt and use the (new) intranet? The key is perceived relevancy. Relevancy is primarily defined by the fact that the intranet helps users save time in their day-to-day lives and jobs. At the same time, topic or interest drives communities, which are a great tool to raise adoption and engagement across your platform. These communities pull users to the intranet, increase the connection among colleagues, and boost engagement in other, more formal areas of the intranet.

Aim of the community

Spending much time with office colleagues makes private meetings or after-work events a natural choice. So why not use shared interests to encourage everyone to use Haiilo and leverage the above advantages?

Configure a flat permissions concept regarding communities and events. Also, pick about 5-10 key users willing to relocate their communication and interaction onto Haiilo to get those communities started.

Interest groups can be used for various purposes, for example:

  • Carpool community
  • Daily menu
  • Flea markets
  • Running groups
  • Book club
  • Step-Challenge
  • Internal Marketplace

Set up in Haiilo

Interest-driven communities should always be set up publicly to make them accessible to as many users as possible. Of course, the in-detail setup depends on the purpose of the community as well as the preferences of the employees. Still, the following apps are commonly used and recommended by us: 


This is what a gardening community could look like. The apps used and their purpose are explained below. For a better overview, it's always recommended to use app groups and structure the community's content according to different use cases.

This community focuses on discussions and interaction, creating events where everyone can participate, and planning activities.

Interest Group Timeline.png

The following apps were used in the example above.

  • Timeline app: For our gardening community among colleagues, we have integrated a timeline as the central element for interaction. Do you want to remove some plant cuttings or ask for help with your dying plant? All members can post and comment here, express their opinions, and ask questions. It allows you to react quickly within the group to make arrangements efficiently and transparently.
  • Forum app: The forum app allows members to dive deep into discussing specific topics. Whether a user started the threat or entered it late but is interested in the topic, the entire discussion history is always accessible in one centralized place.
  • Events app: Are you planning on participating in an event together as a gardening group? You can use the event app to organize this within the community. In our example, the gardening group members organize a plant exchange for the whole company. The event app summarizes the most essential options for the upcoming event to the community members and the company. You have the option of inviting all members of the gardening group at once, who can then confirm their participation or decline. In the event, anyone interested can ask questions about the agenda or organization, and other participants can react. Information about this specific event can be found in one place and does not get lost on the community's timeline.
  • Content app: The content app, with its flexibility regarding different layouts and the use of widgets, is the perfect tool to provide users with an overview of the community and shortcuts to its most crucial element or a report and the images of the latest event.

Further tips & tricks

  • With communities come responsibilities - train the community admins about what's important when managing a community. For example, share our tips for community admins in your Haiilo to help the community or personally approach them when new communities get created.
  • Use the teaser widget to draw attention to important information. With an elegant slideshow, you can make the community more aesthetically pleasing for your users. In addition, you can draw users' attention to special offers that correspond to the community, emphasize important news, or announce a significant date - you have creative freedom. In our example, we used the teaser widget to draw attention to an upcoming event. 

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