Customize texts and formulations

Every company has certain formulations that create familiarity and a sense of belonging – and these also belong in your digital home. Internal terminology or formulations from your corporate identity (CI) offer recognition value and should help users find their way around Haiilo as quickly as possible right from the very first day.

Where can you customize system text?

Defined system texts such as "Like" or "... has shared this post with [...]" are known as language keys in Haiilo and can be customized. These elements, formulations, and texts can be found in Administration under "Languages". You can change the settings in the "Translations (interface)" area. 

The terms for the Haiilo app must be adapted individually. It may take a while until the changed language keys are applied and displayed in the Haiilo app.
If a user re-downloads the app, the translations are downloaded at the same time and displayed after a restart of the app.
If a user has already installed the app and changes have been made in the meantime, it can take up to 24 hours until the translations are displayed after a restart of the app. To shorten this time, the app can be reinstalled on iOS devices, and the cache can be cleared on Android devices.



You require the permissions for this ("access to Administration" + "Manage languages"). 

What can you customize and how?

In the area "Interface translations", you have the opportunity to customize virtually all of the system text in Haiilo. This will make it sound more like your own digital home in no time!

The translations apply globally in Haiilo. This means that they are displayed in the same way for all users. Haiilo offers an overview, in which you are shown clear "keys" (system language keys), the current translation (standard text), and the customized translation per row. The last field is empty at the start. There’s space for your customizations here.

Search for certain terms

You have the option of searching within the overview for certain terms. This allows you to customize the texts and formulations that are relevant to you quickly and easily.


In our example, we’re looking for "Workspace", as we know that we’d like to change this wording. The search now shows us all of the hits in the system. We have highlighted the search hits here to make them easier for you to see.


You can see the system text that is currently displayed to users. You can now use your formulations in the area "Override."


If you have already customized text in Haiilo, you can have these edited texts shown for you by ticking "Override.


Which fields relate to the navigation bar?

Do you want to rename workspaces and also customize parts of the navigation? No problem!

If you want to rename an element in the navigation, ideally search for "Navigation" in the translations. In our example, you should find the language key "NAVIGATION.WORKSPACES" in the list. 

How can you customize the translations for other languages?

You'll find a dropdown box on the left-hand side of the area "Interface translations". There you can change the language and save different language keys. Screenshot_2021-06-09_at_11.20.35.png

These language keys are not global. If you make a change in English, this does not automatically apply in other languages (e.g., in German).

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