Logging in or out

Log in

You can access Haiilo by logging in through your company's specific URL. A Haiilo login screen can look like this:


Haiilo offers different ways to log in:

  • E-mail address and password. You need to receive a welcome email with your access data before your first login to Haiilo.
  • Single sign-on (SSO). You use credentials from another software system, e.g., your company's credentials.

Contact the admins of your platform if you have questions about your Haiilo URL and the exact login procedure for your platform.

Log out

You can log out from Haiilo by selecting Log out in the user profile drop-down menu.

For our cloud customers, users who have logged in will be automatically logged out after 30 days of inactivity. The 30-day period starts from the first login and will be extended based on the user's activities during that time. This ensures that the 30-day period only counts as user inactivity.

In rare cases, users may be automatically logged out after a cloud update.

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