Support and acceptance for your Haiilo project

The introduction of Haiilo offers you many advantages: Internal communication becomes more transparent and simplified than ever before. Employees work together virtually and interact quickly and easily. Haiilo becomes the gateway to the digital workplace.

And for your employees? For them, the introduction of Haiilo means a change in how they communicate and interact. If you were using a static intranet before, your employees will also have to get used to how Haiilo works. How can you get your users feeling excited about Haiilo and who can help you with this? In this article, we'll explain which stakeholders you should involve at an early stage and how you can find other companions to join you on your journey.

Sometimes when you go off the beaten track, your route can get a bit rocky. So seek out supporters in your company who’ll help you with your "digital home" project. With active role models, you’ll eliminate any apprehension your users may have about getting started with Haiilo and thus lay the foundations for acceptance and active use. A mix of different groups of people has proven useful as a best practice here.

Role models

First and foremost, the managers in your company are an important anchor point. They lay the foundations for the further course and success of the "digital home" project. It’s essential to convey to the workforce why this change is important for the company and how it fits into the overarching vision.

For you as a project manager, it’s important to explain to the management team how using Haiilo will benefit your team’s daily work. How about a short presentation or a tour of the system? This promotes understanding and makes your project tangible.

Support from managers is crucial in paving the way for employee acceptance. Not least during the introduction phase, it’s important that the management team leads by example. A like or a short post show activity on and acceptance of Haiilo – two key points that are hugely important for the further use of Haiilo by your employees.

Important stakeholders

Do you have a works council at your company? Then you should inform it about your project and the upcoming changes early on. If you can get your works council on your side, you’re already halfway there. The same applies to a data protection officer – the topic of security clearly takes priority here. The following is true for both groups of stakeholders: Involve them in the project and collaborate with them to develop certain topics (e.g., guidelines).


Do you already have test or pilot groups in Haiilo? Great! Test groups are the first to work with Haiilo and experience your new digital home live. This also makes them important supporters of your project.

Make the most of this to gain them as advocates and multipliers, even after the official launch. After all, positive experiences and a good first impression of Haiilo not only make an impact but also impress other employees. Role models from your own ranks and lots of activity on the platform eliminate any apprehension that other employees may have about becoming active on Haiilo themselves.

Other multipliers could include:

  • Editors
  • Early adopters
  • Power users
  • Internal influencers 

Supporters wanted

Let’s go! Consider which stakeholders you can bring on board for your journey and integrate these into your path towards going live. The earlier you involve the supporters and get them excited about Haiilo, the better. In doing so, you’ll make people feel more connected to the project. You’ll often soon find internal fans who are on hand to provide advice and will gladly help you to drive the topic forward. The enthusiasm has a positive effect on the acceptance of Haiilo among the other employees later on. 

A further advantage: Right from the start, you have a series of people by your side who can provide "first aid" for any questions concerning how to use Haiilo.

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