Gaining support and acceptance for your project

Introducing Haiilo has numerous advantages, making internal communication more transparent and simplified than ever before. Employees can seamlessly collaborate in a virtual environment, making interactions quick and easy. Haiilo acts as a gateway to the digital workplace.

However, the introduction of a social intranet requires a change in employee communication and interaction. If your company previously used a static intranet, your employees may need to adjust to the new platform. To get your users excited about Haiilo, you need to involve relevant stakeholders at an early stage.

Additionally, you should seek out supporters within your company to help with your intranet launch project. By having active role models, you can eliminate any apprehension your users may have about getting started with Haiilo, laying the foundations for acceptance and active use. A mix of different groups of people has proven to be a best practice in this regard.

Important stakeholders

If your company has a works or employee council, it's essential to keep them informed about your project and impending changes as early as possible. By getting your works council onboard, you've already completed half of your task.

Similarly, when it comes to data protection and IT, working with a data protection officer and IT department is critical since security and access are top priorities.

To ensure that all relevant stakeholders are on the same page, involve them in the project and collaborate with them to develop guidelines and other relevant topics.

Role models

The managers in your company play a crucial role in the success of the project. They are responsible for laying the foundation and guiding the project towards success. Therefore, it's essential to communicate to the workforce the importance of this change and how it aligns with the company's vision.

As a project manager, it's important to explain to the management team how using Haiilo will benefit the workforce's daily work. You can do this by giving a short presentation or a tour of the system. This will help the management team understand the project better, making it more tangible.

The support from managers is crucial in getting employees to accept the changes. During the introduction phase, it's important that the management team leads by example. A simple "like" or a short post will show that they are active on Haiilo, which will encourage employees to follow suit. This is essential for the successful adoption of Haiilo by your employees.


If you already have test or pilot groups in Haiilo, that's great news! These groups are the first ones to experience your new platform. As such, they are important supporters of your project. You should take advantage of this opportunity to gain them as advocates, even after the official launch.

Positive experiences and a good first impression of Haiilo can make a big impact and impress other employees. Having role models from your own ranks and lots of activity on the platform can eliminate any apprehension that other employees may have about becoming active on Haiilo themselves.

Other advocates could include:

  • Editors
  • Early adopters
  • Power users
  • Internal influencers

Supporters wanted

It's time to get started! Think about which stakeholders you can bring on board to join you on your journey and integrate them into your path toward going live. The sooner you involve supporters and get them excited about Haiilo, the better. This will make people feel more connected to the project and you may even discover internal fans who can provide advice and help drive the topic forward. The enthusiasm generated by involving your supporters has a positive effect on the acceptance of Haiilo among other employees later on.

Another advantage is that you'll have a group of people alongside you right from the start who can provide "first aid" for any questions on using Haiilo.

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