Moderator mode

By activating moderator mode, you can view the entire Haiilo interface – apart from private chats. The permission allows you to access and customize pages and communities in which you are not a member.


Moderator mode is not automatically available for every user. The permission "Access moderator mode" must be assigned in a role and should be assigned carefully. We recommend a limited number of admins have access to this permission.

You can do the following in moderator mode:

  • View and edit all pages and communities
  • Change the layout of homepages
  • Make changes to user profiles
  • Create global widgets in specified locations

With moderator mode, all of the functions of Haiilo are activated. If, for instance, you have deactivated the chat for your users, it is nevertheless displayed when activating this mode.

Moderator mode works in the mobile app, but cannot be disabled or enabled there. This means that if a user has activated moderator mode in the browser, for example, this user will also see the tabs in the app (e.g. "Chat" or "News") to which he otherwise has no permissions because moderator mode gives him all permissions. For this to take effect, the user must activate Moderator Mode before logging in to the app or close the app completely once after activation and reopen it.

Administration of Haiilo

Moderator mode does not grant permission to access the Administration area. A user with the permission "Access moderator mode" can, therefore, not automatically manage Haiilo. They can only make changes within the platform itself.

Restricting apps and widgets to moderators

Within the Administration of Haiilo, it is possible to restrict selected apps/widgets exclusively to moderator mode. In the respective app catalogs, the elements are then only visible when the mode is activated, and the elements can only be edited in that mode. 


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