The suggested pages widget

Pages are the information channels of your intranet. But with a high number of pages, it can be difficult for users to know which pages offer relevant information and which they should subscribe to in order to stay up to date with company news. With the help of the suggested pages widget, your users can see a list of pages that the admins suggest they subscribe to.

This widget is an option if you no longer work with auto-subscribed pages in your company. The admin decides which and how many pages are suggested.  

Screenshot_2021-06-07_at_16.12.17.png Screenshot_2021-06-07_at_16.12.52.png

The widget can look different for different users. The reason for this is logical at second glance: Once a user has subscribed to a page, the suggestion disappears from the list. Vice versa, this means: If the user has already subscribed to the page, they won’t see it as a suggestion. 

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