Suggested pages/communities widgets

Suggested pages widget

Pages are the information channels of your intranet. But with a high number of pages, it can be difficult for users to know which pages offer relevant information and which they should subscribe to in order to stay up to date with company news. With the help of the suggested pages widget, your users can see a list of pages that the admins suggest they subscribe to.

This widget is an option if you no longer work with auto-subscribed pages in your company. The admin decides which and how many pages are suggested.  

Screenshot_2021-06-07_at_16.12.17.png Screenshot_2021-06-07_at_16.12.52.png

The widget can look different for different users. The reason for this is logical at second glance: Once a user has subscribed to a page, the suggestion disappears from the list. Vice versa, this means: If the user has already subscribed to the page, they won’t see it as a suggestion. 

Suggested communities widget

Communities are a central component of Haiilo and of your collaboration with your users. Over time, more and more communities will be created: team rooms spring up, projects are launched, interest groups are set up. What matters then is not to lose the overview of all the communities. There is a risk that newly founded communities will get loss in the mass.

The “Suggested communities” widget helps admin to support public communities and promote them in a targeted way.


The communities displayed are selected manually. As an admin, you decide which communities should be promoted. Only public communities can be selected. Private and protected communities cannot be selected.

Why is that the case?

  • The communities displayed in the widget should be easily accessible to all users. Although protected communities are visible, they cannot be viewed.
  • Private communities are even invisible to the majority and can only be seen by members. Those communities would be hidden from non-members automatically in the widget. The community would therefore never appear in the widget in any case.

The widget only shows communities in which a user is not yet a member. For the view this means:

  • if a user is already a member of a community, this suggestion is hidden.
  • If a user is a member of all the selected communities, the entire widget is hidden.

If a community sparks the interest of your users, they can subscribe to it directly via the “+” symbol or they can take a moment to check out the community first by clicking on the name.

Adjusting the order of the communities displayed

As admins, you can choose anything between one and 50 public communities for the widget. The dropdown selection menu is in alphabetical order here.

The sequence of clicks with which you select the communities determines the order in which they are displayed in the widget. In addition, the priority of the display can be changed by drag & drop once the communities have been selected.

Example use case

Imagine you have an interdepartmental project that requires a certain amount of attention over a specific period:

  • IT is converting a software package,
  • the sustainability community in your company is looking for supporters,
  • or your HR department is establishing a hands-on community to improve the employee experience.

In this case, it is worth integrating the widget into the homepage. You add your new community and put it in first position by drag & drop. On completion of the campaign, you can remove the widget again.

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