Use case: Interactive homepage

This homepage is a best practice for companies that want to offer users a mix of centrally-steered and user-generated content. As the homepage's heart, the timeline acts as the interactive newsfeed composed of the user's personal subscriptions and auto-subscriptions defined by your intranet admins.

Discover tips for creating a compelling homepage in the Designing Homepages article.

Aim of the homepage

The homepage is designed with the following use cases in mind:

  • Providing high-level personalization and relevance the timeline
  • Promoting interaction and horizontal exchange
  • Informing users about the latest company news, topics, and events
  • Providing direct access to the most relevant (third-party) tools and locations

Set up

In the below example, we've used the following elements and widgets when designing the homepage:


Version 1 (Intranet)

Interactive homepage 1.png

Version 2 (Intranet + Multichannel Communication)

Interactive Homepage 2.png

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