Haiilo mobile app

The Haiilo mobile app is the mobile version of your platform. Some settings and functionalities of the app depend on the module(s) that you use.

If you want to provide your users with a mobile app branded to your own design, you can achieve this with our white label mobile app add-on.

Download and install the app

Installing and setting up the app is simple.

  1. Ensure your app meets the mobile device requirements
  2. Access the app store on your Android or iOS mobile device
  3. Find the Haiilo app and download it
  4. Open the app and select Let's go
  5. Enter your Haiilo platform's URL
  6. Select your login option and enter your login credentials

Alternatively, you can scan these QR codes to directly access the Haiilo app in the selected app store:

iOS: Android:
qrcode_apps.apple.com.png qrcode_play.google.com.png

After logging in, the app may take a few minutes to load all data in the background before it can be used, depending on the size of your platform.

If you're using an Android device to log in to Haiilo, you need to have Chrome installed to log in with SAML or OpenId.

General information

The Haiilo mobile app supports deep links, meaning if a user clicks on a link on mobile leading to Haiilo, they will be taken to the app and the corresponding area. These areas in Haiilo support deep links:

  • Blog article
  • Wiki article
  • Timeline post
  • Multichannel post
  • File / Folder
  • Blog app
  • Wiki app
  • Content app
  • Page
  • Community
  • User profile

If your Haiilo platform uses a custom domain and the default app, deep linking isn't possible.

Permissions and features

  • Native Not native
    • Apps:
      • Blog
      • Content
      • Documents
      • Timeline
      • Wiki
    • Widgets:
      • User profile
      • iFrame (see notes)
      • Latest blog articles/files/wiki articles
      • Poll
      • Image
      • Code (see notes)
      • Downloads
      • Blog/wiki article
      • Single file
      • Callout
      • Bookmarks
      • Link button
      • Media
      • Rich text editor
      • Teaser
      • Text
      • Divider
      • Video
      • Headline
      • Recommended blog articles
      • Plug-ins (see notes)
    • Apps:
      • Event
      • Form
      • Forum
      • List
      • Tasks
    • Widgets:
      • Upcoming event/birthdays
      • Featured posts
      • Trending hashtags
      • Online users
      • Do you know?
      • New colleagues
      • RSS feed
      • Suggested communities/pages
      • HTML
      • Subscriptions
      • Complete profile
      • Timeline
      • Welcome


        A user needs various permissions to view content in the app.

        • Mobile app only permissions
          • "Enable timeline module"
          • "Enable news module"
          • "Enable homepages module"
        • Mixed browser and app permissions
          • "Access other profiles"
          • "Write and receive messages"
          • "Access pages"
          • "Access communities"
          • "Access events"
          • "Search"

        The permissions labeled as "Mixed browser and app permissions" apply to both the browser view and the app. This means that a user granted the "Access to pages" permission can access pages in both the app and the browser. Restricting these permissions to only one location, either the browser or the app, isn't possible.


        The app offers various features, which we explain in more detail in these articles:

        Native apps and widgets

        Haiilo mobile app can display various apps and widgets natively within the app. Apps that cannot be displayed natively redirect the user to the mobile browser, and widgets that cannot be displayed natively are generally not displayed.

    The plug-ins, iFrame, and code widgets are developed natively for the Haiilo mobile app with special requirements:

    • Plug-ins: Scrolling within the plug-in is not supported (it is recommended to set a reasonable default size for the plug-in). The Chart plug-in is currently not supported for iOS
    • iFrame widget: Scrolling is currently not supported for Android, and an iFrame to another Haiilo URL does not work
    • Code widget: Not all code is supported
  • Permissions

    A user needs this permission to view and create multichannel posts in the app.

    • View content in the mobile app:
      • "Access timeline on homepage"
    • Create posts in the Studio on mobile (but not on web)
      • "Create, edit and delete posts"
      • "Publish posts" (only a post creator with publishing rights can create multichannel posts in the mobile app, as there is no approval flow on mobile)
      • "Target any audience"

    If you want the user to be able to create and publish posts on the web app as well, you should give the user "Access Multichannel Studio" permission. Without this permission, the user cannot see and access the Studio in the web app.


    The app timeline shows published multichannel posts.

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