User directory: Irregularities during synchronization and login

If you have any irregularities with the synchronization of a user directory and its login, these steps may help.

Irregularities during synchronization

  • If individual users were not synchronized or are considered orphaned, then they were not found during the synchronization process. Therefore, please always make sure first that these users have filled all mandatory fields in your directory. The mandatory fields are the fields that were specified at the user directory in the "Users" tab under "Attributes for". The other profile fields are optional.
  • If you cannot identify the problem here, then an LDAP browser, such as ldapsearch (Linux command-line ldap browser), helps to find out if the users are included in the configured filter. If you use the same filter settings as in Haiilo Home, then you should see the same users here as in Haiilo Home. If your missing user appears here and is filled with all necessary fields, this user should also be imported/updated during the next sync.
  • If an error message appears during synchronization and the error is documented in the logs, you can contact our service desk at any time via a ticket. Our technicians will then analyze the log files so that we can give you feedback on the synchronization in the ticket.

Irregularities during login

If a user is unable to log in from a user directory, there may be problems with the connection or configuration of the user directory set up in Haiilo Home.

  • First, make sure that the connection to the user directory still works via the administration. To do this, edit your user directory and click on "Test connection" in the "Connection" tab. In case of an error, the button turns red and a technical error message is displayed. The LDAP error codes and their meaning can be researched on the Internet.
  • If the connection works but logging in is still not possible, please check if the trailing part of the "userPrincipleName" of the affected user matches the AD domain configured in Haiilo Home.
  • If an AD domain is specified in Haiilo Home, it must apply to the users.

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