On-Prem: Incoming and outgoing traffic

The traffic produced depends significantly on the employees’ usage behavior. As a result, the following questions are important:
  • Do users tend to consume or are lots of posts created? 
  • Do users often work with large files?
  • Is there an increased use of high-resolution pictures and videos? 

We’ve launched a test and observed the usage behavior of our own Cloud instance for a whole week to give you an answer. Our Haiilo instance is the only source of information for us and we use it to handle virtually all of our communication and collaboration – including exchanging pictures, videos and documents. 

Our technicians have joined forces and converted the figures to apply to 100 concurrent users – users who are all using Haiilo at the same time. The necessary bandwidth in our sample calculation is as follows:
Time frame
Incoming Outgoing Total*
2.41 GB
3.56 GB
5.97 GB
72.3 GB
106.8 GB
179.1 GB
* Average bandwidth of 571.61 kbit/s

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