Reports allow you to gain insights into your platform's performance and user behavior. By analyzing the data provided by the reports, you can make informed decisions that improve user experience and drive growth.

There are four default reports in Haiilo. You can access them from Administration > Reports. You need "Access reports" permission to view the reporting data.

The reports can be filtered by selecting dates in the calendar or inputting preferred dates. The reports display data up until the previous day. The data for today will be available for viewing tomorrow.

To gain an in-depth understanding of the content and users on your platform, we recommend checking out our Analytics add-on.

User accounts

The User accounts report shows you the development of registered users in your platform using their current account status. The report provides insight into the development of your platform and the individuals using it.

Active users

The Active Users report displays the number of unique users who accessed the platform each day. It records every time the platform is accessed, regardless of whether the users are logged in permanently or not. Each user is only counted once per day, even if they access the platform multiple times throughout the day.

To put it in technical terms, a user is considered active in Haiilo when they access the /api/me endpoint. This can happen when they log in or refresh a page. Simply logging in is enough to show a user as active, and interacting with content or the system isn't necessary to be counted as an active user.

active users example report.png

Created content

The Created content report provides insight into the content that has been created each day.

The report logs all named entities of the intranet. Each new element or post added is counted towards the data for that day. The report provides a breakdown of content per element, making it easy to identify the type of content that, e.g., caused a spike.

created content example report.png

Popular search terms

The Popular search terms report enables you to view the search queries entered by users. This data can be used to determine the users' interests and how they utilize your platform. The report provides information on frequently used search terms and phrases/sentences.

By understanding what your users are interested in and how they use your platform, you can continue to provide the tools and resources they need to thrive.

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