Permissions and roles for communities

Permissions and roles in Haiilo determine what actions a user is permitted to perform. In Administration, the permissions are divided by the areas in Haiilo.

Here you can see an example of what permissions the default role and what permissions the admin role should have for communities.

You can see the standard role on the left, the additive admin role on the right.


Permissions for users

When configuring your permissions in the communities area, the question always arises: Which permissions should the users be given? 

The answer, from our viewpoint, is relatively clear: Let your employees create communities themselves.

The initial permission here is the fundamental "Access communities". Building on this, a user can also add, edit and remove apps, as long as they have admin permissions for the community. 

Why should users be given so much freedom straight away?

The main way to get employees to accept the new platform is for them to be able to familiarize themselves with the interface and create, edit, and manage their own elements.

In addition, communities offer individual teams or project groups the ideal opportunity to interact, collect documents, and gain an overview. 
If people are faced with the obstacle that a community first has to be requested, this slows down the creation process and the inhibition threshold for using Haiilo increases.

One or two people may be worried that too much freedom will lead to less relevant content. These concerns are understandable, but we hear time and time again that they are unfounded. With the help of the terms of use, you can protect yourself from a legal viewpoint. If someone should infringe upon these, users can report such content.

The admins then have the option of removing the offending content. In moderator mode, you can access all of the content on the interface, thus ensuring that nobody "runs riot". 

Permissions for admins

Since Cloud release V26, the permission to invite groups to communities has been moved to the general permissions.  
For all those who are not yet on V26 or higher, the permission "Invite groups to a community" can still be found under the community permissions. 

We recommend only allowing admins to invite groups: When inviting to a community, users should always only invite the members who are really relevant.

Groups in Haiilo can contain a large number of users. In some cases, the community in question is not relevant for many of these users or your users are quickly flooded with invitations to communities when whole groups can be invited with a click.

The permission to invite external parties should also be held by the admin. This allows you to integrate a kind of validation option. The admins also have the permission to manage categories and delete communities.

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