Manage permissions for apps

Admins can add apps to pages and communities. A user who has created a page or community – or has been subsequently promoted to admin – needs corresponding permissions before they can make changes or create apps.

We'll explain this using a community. A user who wants to make changes in the community needs the permissions "Edit community" and "Manage apps of a community."

This does not mean that users with these permissions can make changes to every community. The two permissions only come into effect if the user is an admin of a community.

Certain apps require additional permissions before they can be used in full:

All other apps function without further permission.

Restrict apps to admins or users

In addition to the global settings, when creating each app, you can specify what users are allowed to do with it.

To give you a better idea of this, we present an example with the Blog app. After adding the app, you can configure it however you like. 

  1. Activate this app:
    If you want the app to initially only be visible to the admins of your page/community, don’t set it to active. It will then be given a label and will be invisible to normal users. 
  2. Default teaser images:
    You can define a preset teaser image for each new article. A distinction is made between the widget teaser image (format 3:1) and the main teaser image (format 1:1).
  3. Authors:
    Determines who can create articles: just admins, a set group of users, or everyone. 
  4. Approval:
    Determines whether you have an editorial procedure or whether everyone should be able to publish straight away. 
    Decides whether users are allowed to comment.
  6. Automatic sharing:
    Do you want every new blog article to be shared automatically on the timeline? You can define it here.

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