Bookmarks widget

The bookmarks widget allows you to add specific links to pages or communities. For globally valid bookmarks, there is the launchpad, in which your users can also save their own bookmarks.

The bookmark widget is ideal for your HR page, for instance. This allows your colleagues to quickly jump to the most important company pages: 

External and internal links that are preceded by "https://" open in a new tab.
Internal links that are only preceded by one "/" open in the same tab. 

Link opens in a new tab

  • Internal link: "https://DOMAIN/pages/NAME OF PAGE/apps/NAME OF APP"
  • External link: "
Link opens in the same tab
  • Internal link: "/pages/NAME OF PAGE/apps/NAME OF APP"

Once you have added a bookmark, you can also move this later on or rename it once you are in "Edit layout" mode.


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