Teaser widget

The teaser widget is a great way to make Haiilo more personal and attractive. You can highlight the most relevant news and other updates by using this feature.


To add a teaser widget, you need to do the steps from this article.

With the teaser widget, individual slides can be integrated with pictures and texts, you can create static pictures as well as slideshows. Behind every slide, you can add a link that is reached when the slide is clicked on.

The teaser widget supports the common image formats:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif

Haiilo determines the optimal resolution or image size per teaser. The teasers always fill the entire width of the respective column - the aspect ratio remains the same depending on the size. The included image is always centered and cropped at the edges.


You have multiple options for a teaser widget:

  • With "Display as" you choose between a carousel, cards or slider view
  • For the "Teaser size" you have the options "Wide (3:1)", "Square (1:1)" and "Custom"

When you choose carousel as display format then you also have these options:

  • In "Text alignment" you get a grid to determine the position of the text on all teaser slides
  • With "Duration" you can determine the display duration of the slides


Add new teaser

You can create new slides by clicking the "New slide" button. A slide must at least contain an image and additionally you can add:

  • Alternative text
    • Alternative text is useful for people using screen readers because of visual limitations.
  • Headline
  • Subline
  • Link
    • You can choose to open a link in a new tab if needed


When you have set all the options, click "Apply changes" and your new slide will be added to the teaser. You can then also edit or delete these slides using the three dots.

The slides can also be moved by dragging and dropping them. Simply click, keep the mouse pressed, and move them to the appropriate position.

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