Teaser widget

The Teaser widget enables you to present topics and content in a prominent way and link to a defined source. In contrast to the Hero teaser, the Teaser widget is static, meaning the selected content displays until you actively change it.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget:

  • Add new teaser / Edit
    • Image: Select an image that is shown for the newly created or edited teaser tile.
    • Alternative text: Add text that gets read by screen readers to make your platform more accessible.
    • Headline: Enter a title that reflects the tile's topic best.
    • Subline: Enter a subline that adds additional information to the tile's topic.
    • Link: Insert a link to submit a source the tile leads to.
    • Open in a new browser tab: Select if the linked source opens in a new or the same browser tab. Typically sources from within the platform open in the same while external content opens in a new tab.
  • Display as: Choose the optical appearance of the widget: Carousel, Cards, or Slider. You can see an example of each type in the screenshots below.
    • In the mobile app, the teaser widget will always display in Carousel view.
  • Teaser size: Select the shape and size of the widget: Wide (3:1), Square (1:1), and Custom.
  • Image height (only for Teaser size: Custom): If you have selected Custom as teaser size, you have the opportunity to adapt the height.
  • Text alignment (only for Display as: Carousel): If you have selected Carousel as an optical appearance, you now define at which position the headline and subline will be displayed.
    • In the mobile app, the text will always be aligned to the bottom left.
  • Duration (only for Display as: Carousel): If you have selected Carousel as an optical appearance, you also have the option to define the duration of each tile getting displayed.

Teaser carousel.png

Example: Carousel

Teaser cards.png

Example: Cards

Teaser slider.png

Example: Slider

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