Trending hashtags widget

The trending hashtags widget shows you the twenty most popular hashtags with different line thicknesses and shading. 

The most commonly used hashtags are shown at the top in bold. The less a hashtag is used, the further down it appears and the paler the text is. 

A hashtag serves as a link and redirects you to the search results page. Here, all timeline posts, blog articles, wikis, etc. that have used this hashtag are displayed directly.


Influence how hashtags are displayed

You can influence the display by changing the calculation period and a create a blacklist for the hashtag widget.


To change this you need the general right: "Create and manage global widgets".

Hashtags from private elements

Hashtags from closed pages, communities, or events are not counted. The widget should only show what logged-in users can also find in the search. When clicking on a hashtag, the search results are immediately opened. If the user is not a member of a closed group in which the hashtag has been used, this will then not be shown in the search results.

Create a hashtag

Let's take a step back. A hashtag is used for tagging and bundling articles with similar topics. You create a hashtag by typing in a hash symbol immediately followed by a term without any spaces. Once you have entered the term, press the space key and you have created a hashtag – provided that you then save or publish the post. 

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