The code widget

Haiilo offers you the option of configuring the interface to suit your taste. This includes not only customizing the theme in the Administration interface and your own arrangement of apps and widgets on pages, but also the code widget itself.

With this widget, we give you the opportunity to influence the code in Haiilo locally. Use cases include, for instance, a community that should have a new layout or you want to offer interfaces to other systems.

You have two options here: On the one hand, we have the HTML widget for static content, or if another code is also included, such as JavaScript, we have the code widget. In specific terms, this means: The HTML widget is fundamentally intended for purely static content and the code widget for executable content.

The code widget


The code widget allows very far-reaching changes to be made and is only available to very skilled users. The widget is implemented in such a way that it is only available in moderator mode, even after being released in Administration. 
When inserting the code widget, you have three different fields to insert code. Insert your HTML code in the HTML field and save. If your code should also contain JavaScript, this code must be entered separately in the corresponding JavaScript field. The functions are now also implemented with the help of the code widget. This causes your HTML code to now be displayed correctly.

With the code widget, you can impact the frontend of Haiilo. Due to the high potential for error, we suggest limiting code integration to developers only.

Our Service Desk does not provide any support for errors in your digital home that are caused by defective code in the code widget. 

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