iFrame widget

The iFrame widget dynamically displays the content of a website. The widget is the easiest way to integrate a third-party tool or any other information from the outside into your platform.

Set up the widget

The following options are available when configuring the widget: 

  • URL: Enter the URL and define which website should be displayed within the iFrame. Please keep in mind to insert the complete URL, including the "https://" prefix. 
  • Height: Select how high the iFrame section should be. The width is defined by the column layout.
  • Scrolling: Select if the iFrame is fixed or if users can scroll down the linked website within the iFrame.

Haiilo uses the SSL standard to offer a safe platform. You can identify if a page uses SSL if the URL includes "https". If a URL only includes "http", the website doesn't use the SSL standard and can't be embedded as an iFrame in Haiilo.

iFrame en.png

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