The iFrame widget

iFrame is a format that allows you to display other websites in your digital home. Within Haiilo, you can add iFrames using the iFrame widget.

The requirements for using the iFrame widget are:

  • You need to be the admin of the page/community where you want to place the widget, and
  • You require permission to create and manage global widgets. 

Use the iFrame widget 

  • URL: Insert the complete URL address (including the https prefix).

  • Height: Specify how high the iFrame section should be. You have already specified the width by choosing the column width.

  • Scrolling: Decide whether a fixed image should be displayed or whether users can scroll down the linked website within the iFrame.

Haiilo uses the SSL standard to offer you a safe platform. A page uses SSL if the URL includes https. Http URLs don't use the SSL standard, and hence cannot be used in Haiilo's iFrame widget.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Help, I can only see a gray box!

If you're only shown a gray box after creating your iFrame, there's probably a problem with the target page. The most common reasons for error are:

  • Lack of SSL standard on the integrated page, or

  • Blocking of iFrames by the target page

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