Use case: Present information clearly in a wiki

Before Haiilo, you perhaps created PDFs and uploaded them centrally. Your digital home gives you many more options. When leaving the "old world" and setting up Haiilo, questions soon arise: 
  • Which wikis do I actually need in Haiilo?
  • How can I make the wikis more attractive? 
With the help of this article, we’ll explain to you how you can easily bring order and structure to a wiki app.
Do you have questions on how to integrate the app and what the basic functions are? You can find out here.


The wiki app is the best choice for a clear collection of articles on a certain topic. As a result, it’s important to create themes in wikis that are logical and structured. A wiki is a living document in the company and is subject to constant revisions and changes. An important part of this is that your users can easily find the information that it contains. That’s possible with clearly arranged wikis and our global search

What wikis do I need to get started with Haiilo?

The answer here is relatively simple: Wherever there are the most questions from your colleagues and the greatest need for information for daily work. This concerns articles and instructions that are most frequently used or information to simplify processes. Well-structured wikis also help to encourage users to regularly visit your digital home.
Wikis need a relatively large amount of work to create them at the beginning. As a result, our recommendation is: Start with the most-used instructions, handbooks, and policies. For many companies, this means, for instance: 
  • HR wikis with holiday requests, policies, expense claims and further training opportunities
  • Knowledge databases with letter templates, glossaries and instruction manuals
  • Service or help wikis, in which templates, FAQs or tips & tricks are brought together

How can I make wikis more attractive?

A standard wiki app basically consists of a rich text editor, in which you can add text, tables, pictures and videos. Don’t just use a block of text in your articles, but instead illustrate the content with graphic elements. 
If you switch to "advanced mode" in a wiki article, you can add various widgets. You can find this option on the article screen at the bottom right. You can now access the whole widget catalog and add files or pictures as you see fit. 

Add start article

There is the option of adding a start article. This gives your colleagues a short introduction as to what this wiki is about. It also makes it easier to see where to begin if there are a large number of subarticles. 
This start article is then displayed instead of the overview: 

Publish start article

You can only add a start article if you have already created content. In the app settings, simply select the desired post under "Start article".


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