Reporting content

You can allow users to report content to promote a safe and respectful platform. Reporting content helps prevent abuse and harassment, safeguard against misinformation, uphold community standards, and maintain legal compliance.

You can report timeline posts or comments on your platform if you have the "Report content" permission. Additionally, those with the "Manage reported content" permission can review and remove reported content.

Settings for reporting content

You can configure settings for reporting content under Administration > Security > Reporting of content. You need "Manage security" permission to edit these settings.

  • Hide reported content: When enabled, if a post receives a certain number of reports, it will be hidden until it is reviewed. By default, the number of reports is set to 3, which means that the post will be hidden after being reported by 3 different users.
  • Report anonymously: When enabled, users can report posts anonymously. Otherwise, admins can always see which user reported a post.

Report a post

  1. Select in the upper right corner of the post.
  2. Select Report.
  3. Enter an explanation for why you are reporting the post.
  4. Optionally, select to report anonymously, if anonymous content reporting is enabled.

Once a post is reported, it will be under review. If admins choose to hide reported content, a Post/Comment under review message appears after the set number of reports. Otherwise, the post or comment remains visible until an admin reviews and decides to remove it.

report a post.png

Review a reported post

You receive an in-app notification for every reported post if you have "Manage reported content" permission. You can review reported posts as follows:

  1. Select Reported content from the user drop-down menu. You'll see all reported posts and comments in a list.
  2. Review the reported content and choose whether to Keep or Remove
  3. Confirm your choice

If you choose to keep a post or comment, it will remain visible or be made visible again. No notifications are sent out when a reported post is kept or removed.

If a reported post is removed, it will be deleted and no longer visible. If a reported comment is removed, a Comment has been removed message will replace it.

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