Have content removed or report posts

Have you discovered content on your intranet that shouldn’t be there or that is inappropriate? Perhaps a timeline post or comment that addresses others in an unacceptable way or even insults them? 
An option allows you to report such content. Your network administrators will then view and remove the reported post straight away. 

Report a post

If you discover any content you consider inappropriate, simply click on the advanced options and choose “Report”
 When reporting content, you’ll need to explain why you’re reporting the post.
Users can also opt to report posts anonymously.

Reported content

To assess and, where necessary, delete reported content, you must have the general permission “Manage reported content”.
You’ll be notified via the bell every time a post is reported. You’ll then find  an overview of the reported content in the “Reported content” area.
Below you can see two examples of reported content. Via the three-dot menu, you can choose whether you want to re-publish the post or delete it.


This option is not available for blog articles or chat messages.
In the case of blog articles, it is best to contact an admin of the relevant page or community directly, providing the link to the blog article you feel is inappropriate.  

Setting options

Admins cannot always respond to reported posts immediately. You have the option to hide reported posts from users until they are reviewed. This particularly helps stop controversial discussions before they have a chance to escalate.

For example, you can configure the settings to hide post automatically after three messages, which will let you look at them in a calmer moment.

We always recommend also giving users who have posted an inappropriate post a brief explanation in the chat as to why their post has been deleted. It’s also a good idea to set out in your terms of use what is acceptable on timelines and what not. You’ll then always be on the safe side and can refer users to your terms of use if need be.

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