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You can share your content with others in Haiilo. This option is particularly useful if you want to draw attention to something important.

If you want to share personal information or hints with users that you don't want everyone to see, the personal message via chat is the better choice.


Access the content that you want to share. Let’s assume that you want to share a blog post that has been created on a page. Under the post, you will find the option "Share".


When you click on this selection, a new window will open. Here you have several options: In the first step, you can choose with whom you want to share the blog article. The addressee is freely selectable: a user or elements such as communities and pages are possible.


The shared post will be visible only if a timeline is also used in the target element.

In the second step you can add a message if needed.


Two additional setting options are hidden behind the advanced options:

  • Share as: You can share either in your name or in the name of a page or a community (provided you have the right to do so). If it is official content that is interesting for other areas, then sharing as a page is recommended.

  • Sticky period: For more attention, you can mark the post as sticky when you share the content to a community, page, or event. If you share the post to a user's personal timeline, you cannot use the sticky feature.

Reaction for shared content

Comments or likes on a shared wiki or blog article are aggregated directly under the original post, not under your share. This way, the reactions are also permanently linked to the post and can still be accessed and viewed by others at a later time.

Sharing private content

Sharing protected or private content makes it public. You can share content from a private element (for example, a private community) to a public area. In these cases, the following note always appears in the dialog box:


A shared post from a protected community or private page is always visible as a teaser to all subscribers of the sharing parties.

Please note that users who are not members of a protected community, private page or invited as participants in private events will not have access to the original post. If the users without access rights click on the teaser, they will get a hint message:


Depending on which app within the protected community or page the post is shared from, there are minimal differences in the completeness of visibility:

  • Timeline post: The entire post and comments become publicly visible.
  • Blog post: The teaser of the blog post, with title, teaser text, and image, and comments are publicly visible. However, the blog post itself is not visible. The "read more" function is disabled.
  • Wiki article: Title of the wiki article becomes publicly visible. However, the wiki article itself is not visible. The "read more" function is deactivated.
  • Public event: The event name, event description, and all other content are visible to the public. The event can be clicked on by all users.
  • Private event: All information except the event picture will be visible. The event cannot be clicked on.
  • Non-shareable app posts are: Files, documents, forms, forum posts, lists, and tasks.

However, the optional message which can be attached to a division will be visible in any case.


Person A shares a post from a protected community. Anyone who either follows Person A or is subscribed to the target of the share (person, page, or community) will now see the teaser of the shared content. In Haiilo, the subscriber feature kicks in here. The feature is there to connect collaborators and gain insight into what someone is working on or interested in.

In principle, any user who follows person A can see this sharing. In addition, add the subscribers of the target.

Be aware that posts from protected communities become publicly visible to other users through sharing, as does the optionally added message. If they are subscribers of a sharing user, the post with message will appear directly on the home page (global timeline). A notification about the bell will not be played.

Therefore, it is recommended to inform your users that they should only forward content from public pages or communities via the sharing feature. Also, the message that can be added when sharing should only contain information that can be read by all members of a community or page.

If personal information or notes are to be shared with users that not everyone is allowed to see, then the personal message via chat is the better choice.


Where is the shared content visible?

Suppose we share a blog post as page A with page B. After the post is shared, this share appears on both the timeline of page A and page B. If the pages have been subscribed, the share will also appear on the global timeline of a home page. In Haiilo, the subscriber feature takes effect here. The feature is there to connect colleagues and gain insight into what someone is working on or interested in.

For example, if you share the post with a community, the blog post will reach everyone who is a member of that community. That means every member of the community will see the shared content via the community timeline or on the home page. If you share content with users, the shared post will be played out on the users' personal timeline, i.e. within the profile in the "Activity" tab, as well as on the global timeline of the start page. In addition, on the sender's personal timeline, the shared post is also visible. If a user shares an event with a page, it will appear on the page's timeline. If you share the event with another user, the shared post will be played out on the user's personal timeline as well as on the global timeline of the home page.

What does it depend on if I can share content?

Every user can share a content as soon as he has the permission "Share content on timeline". Additionally, the permissions can be used to control in which name you can share a post: Haiilo offers the option to act in the name of a page, community or event - either inside (local) or outside (global) of the corresponding element.

Why are my blog post shares all gone?

If the status of a blog post is reset from "Published" to "Draft", all shares are also removed from the timeline.

Can I edit the message on a shared post?

The additional message of a shared post cannot be edited. If you want to adjust your message again, you would have to delete the share and re-share with a new/corrected message. Deleting the share does not affect the post itself.

Can I share a post with multiple recipients at the same time?

Yes, when you share the post you have the option to select multiple users or pages/communities.

Can shared entries on the timeline be deleted?

Yes, the deletion of shares entries is controlled by the "Share" window. This means that you first click on the number of shares and then you select the share to be deleted.



What happens to shares when the original post is deleted?

If a content is deleted, all shares are also removed. This also applies when an entire app is deleted. For example, if a blog app is deleted, all articles and their shares also disappear.

Can I share an entry on behalf of a page or community?

Yes, in Haiilo there is a right "Act on behalf of a page, community or event (global)". With this right you can, for example, as an admin of the page "Marketing" publish an article on its behalf. To access this option, all you have to do when sharing is open the advanced options and select in whose name you want to share.


Why can't I share anything on a particular page?

Admins of a page can set the timeline app to allow only admins or all members to post to or share with the Timeline. So if you can't share a post with a page, the timeline will only be shared with admins.

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