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The interior construction of your digital home continues. With the content app, you have the chance to create pages and communities in such a way that they meet your needs.  By combining apps and widgets, the creation process is extremely flexible and caters to your expectations.

Create layouts

Once you have added the content app to a page or community, it opens with a specified layout. This can be customized according to your expectations.

First, decide how the app should be structured. If you want to add a new row, you can do this with the blue plus sign

You then determine how the layout of the new row should look: 

In addition to selecting and arranging the rows, you can add widgets with the help of the content app. To do this, click on the green plus sign within the row.

The widget catalog opens and presents you with a selection of available widgets. This allows you to fill the content app with life.


Once you are finished, please don’t forget to "Save"! Otherwise, all of the changes and the content you have created will be lost. 


The content app offers many options for creating layouts. The limit to the design consists of the specified basic layout in Haiilo: the cover for pages and communities and the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen.  

Example of page layout

In many cases, those responsible want to offer an introduction to a page to inform their users about the content that awaits them. This can be presented very easily using the content app. In this example, we’ll show you a possible version of a page layout


How have we created that in detail? First, we created three rows with different layouts. The first and second row consist of a "one-row layout" and the third row consists of a "three-row layout". All of the rows contain the "rich text editor" widget.

In the first row, we have added and formatted a description text. In the two other rows, we have added images to make the introduction visually appealing.

The size of the images can be customized within the editor and a link added. The link allows users to go directly from a "tile" into a more in-depth topic (e.g. data & facts) on the page. To do this, link the image to the desired app on the page.

Naturally, we can also use the teaser or image widget to create the theme with the images.


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