File library from a page/community

When you create a community or a page, a document library is automatically created. This library is only visible and editable by the admins.


For each app you create in a community or a site, a subfolder is also created in this document library. When files are uploaded to the apps, Haiilo places them in the app's folder (unless the user explicitly chooses a different location).

Where do you find the file overview? In the options of each page or community you can find the overview via "Manage files".

There is a special feature for files uploaded in a form app. Haiilo Home places these under "My files" in the user profile instead of in the designated app folder. The fact that submitted documents are listed in their own user folder is by design due to the private access rights for forms.

Haiilo represents the different file formats with certain icons. This way you can quickly recognize which file format it is:


The view shows the following file types (from left to right):

  • Apple Numbers

  • PDF files

  • Apple Pages

  • Sketch files

  • Apple Keynote

  • General documents

  • Images

  • General text documents

  • Videos

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