Use case: Share files from Haiilo with external parties

You can share all file types within your company via Haiilo. Whether in a documents app, on the timeline, or privately in the chat – granting shared access to files is possible in various ways.
Let’s assume that you are working with an external partner and would like to send him a file that was stored in Haiilo. You can naturally download this file and send it via e-mail, but there’s also a simpler option: Just send him a link to this file!
Please check first whether the file you have selected contains confidential information and can be shared with external parties. The corresponding internal regulations of the company apply here.

Create a public link

To create a public link, simply open the folder that contains the corresponding file:
  • Right click on the three dots
  • Select option "Share file"
  • Click "Create Link"
  • Click "Copy to clipboard"


If another user clicks on the link, the downloading of the document begins automatically. If this does not begin, please first check whether an adblocker is activated and is possibly blocking the download. 
If you no longer want to make the file available to external parties, you can simply deactivate the link. To do this, go back to "Share file" and click on "Deactivate link".
The person with whom the file was shared should no longer have access to the file but another person should? No problem: Click on "Update link" and the original access to the file is blocked, but the file is still available for download by other people. 
By the way, it’s possible to see whether or not a file has been shared via a link by looking at the small green symbol next to the corresponding file.
If a menu other than the one shown is displayed, the corresponding permission is not assigned: Creating, managing, and deleting document links is controlled via the permission "Manage and create public links for files in documents".

If you don’t want links to be shared externally, only assign the permission to a certain group of people or deactivate the links if they are no longer required.
Every Haiilo customer has the option of agreeing individual terms of use with their users. Within these, it’s possible to agree, for instance, with whom documents can be shared. You’re free to decide precisely how this is arranged. You can edit the terms of use under Administration > Terms of use
If a file is deleted, the link is then also no longer active. The user receives a notification that the file is no longer available.

This doesn’t happen if a new version of a file is uploaded: In this case, the link is updated automatically.

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