Prevent sharing of content (images, documents, texts, etc.) outside Haiilo

We can understand your concerns: You want to make sure that content (images, documents, texts, etc.) is only distributed internally in Haiilo within a fixed group of people.

It is very difficult to reliably exclude that users can download and distribute content (images, documents, texts etc.). The possibility that users take screenshots, photograph the screen or use the print function of the browser, for example, almost always exists.

In general, we recommend that you make your users aware of this issue with one of these two options:

Terms of use

Each customer has the option to agree individual terms of use with its users. In these, for example, it can be explicitly agreed with whom content (images, documents, texts, etc.) may be shared and that the content is a trade secret. You are free to define the exact terms of use.

You can find more information here.


In addition, you can restrict all users by their permissions accordingly. The permissions work not only on role level, but also on app level.


  • Creating, managing, and deleting document links is controlled by the "Delete and create public links for files in the document library" permission
  • Downloading a document from the "Single document" widget can be controlled with the "Hide download link" option

If you don't want links to be distributed and you want to be editorial, assign the right only to a certain group of people and disable the links when they are just not needed anymore.

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