App notifications

Apps send notifications to community members or page subscribers when content is updated in them. Some apps send notifications that cannot be disabled. You can see a list of notifications per app in the Notification bell article.

Admins have the option to set additional notification options for the following apps. Unless otherwise stated, the notifications appear in the notification bell:

  • Documents app: Notification for new documents for members/subscribers, admins, or no one.
  • List app: Notification for new entries for members/subscribers, admins, or no one.
  • Form app: Notification for new form submissions for admins or no one.
    • Additionally, admins can decide whether an email confirmation should be sent to the form submitter and determine whether admins are notified of new submissions via email.
  • Blog app: When publishing a blog article, the article creator can decide whether to send a notification or not when the article is published. This is determined on an individual article level.

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