Use case: Hierarchies and organizational charts

Would you like to see easily and clearly at a glance who acts as a contact person in which teams or what the structure is? Haiilo offers several ways to implement such ideas.

Content app

If you would like to present your team to the company, it's best to use the content app in conjunction with the user profile widget. The content app allows you to decide for yourself what the arrangement should be and whether you would like to add further text with more widgets.

We have prepared two examples of different versions of a team introduction:

Version 1


Version 2


User profile

If you want to display the superior on the profiles of your users, you can control this via your user directory and the option "Superior". You can find out exactly how this works here.


Media widget

Another option is to upload your organization chart as an image or document and make it available. You have a great display option for images with the media widget, for example.

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