Time zones in Haiilo

To ensure that the times of content within Haiilo are displayed correctly for each user, you can set a default time zone, as well as each user can set their own time zone.

Setting for admins

The default time zone defines which time zone a user is in when they log in to Haiilo for the first time. You should adjust this before the official go-live of your digital home, so that your users feel right at home.

To set the default time zone go to the Haiilo administration and in the "Authentication & Registration" section you will find the option "Default time zone".


If you change the default time zone once, this new setting will only apply to all new users created from that point on.

Setting for users

Each user can adjust the times of content according to their own time zone. You can learn more about it here: Account Settings.


Once the personal time zone has been changed, the personal settings always take effect before the default time zone.

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