The launchpad

Launchpad helps you easily and coherently manage official links in your company. These are created and managed by the administrators of your Haiilo. You can also enable your users to save personal favorites links.

And the great thing about this? You have constant access to your most important links and favorites – no matter where you currently are in Haiilo! 
There is no limit to the number of links.


Activate launchpad

Activating and managing the launchpad takes place in two steps. The fundamental management of the launchpad is controlled via "Administration" > "Launchpad"

  1. Globally (de)activate the launchpad.

  2. Save bookmark globally for all users.

  3. Create categories.



It is possible to define in the permissions and roles system whether users can only see the launchpad or can also save private links.

To use the launchpad in full, a user should be granted both associated permissions: 


If not all of the users are able to see the launchpad, first check the roles configuration.


Use the launchpad

Add links

If you want to add a personal link, go to the bookmark symbol at the top right and use it to create a new link. 


We have added a shortcut for the launchpad. The L on your keyboard takes you straight to the launchpad. 

A detail window then opens, in which all of the necessary information can be entered. 



Open links

The links generally open in a new window. However, if a link is created to a document within Haiilo, the document is opened directly in the preview


Links to private communities and pages can naturally only be accessed by their members.

Change view

You can customize how your launchpad looks. To do this, select in the top right whether you prefer a grid or list view. You also have the option of a more compact presentation. 



Except for your own links and those created by the company, you can control Microsoft 365 apps directly and easily via the launchpad. You can find out more about this in this article.

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