The launchpad allows you to add links to locations inside or outside the intranet to allow users to easily navigate to important and relevant tools and information. Platform- or group-wide links are created and managed by selected admins. You can also enable your users to save their personal links. There is no limit to the number of links you can have in the launchpad.

Users can access the launchpad if they have the "Access the launchpad" permission. Optionally, if you want users to be able to add their own links, they additionally need the "Manage personal links in the launchpad" permission.

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Set up the launchpad

You can activate or deactivate the launchpad for the whole platform in Administration > Launchpad. To access, you need "Manage categories for the launchpad" permission.

Create a launchpad category

Launchpad categories enable you to organize your links into different sections so that you can assign relevant links to the appropriate user groups.

For instance, you can create a category called "All Company" that includes links relevant to all employees, and then create separate categories for each department to allow them to add links that are specific to their team. This helps to ensure that everyone can easily find the links they need and that the right people have access to the right information.

  1. In Administration > Launchpad, select Create category
  2. Give it a name
  3. Determine who should be able to see the category:
    • If all users in the platform, check Make this category viewable for all users
    • If selected user groups, select which groups
  4. Select the admins that will be allowed to create launchpad links in the category. For a department category, you might add the department leaders.
  5. Select Save to create the category

Categories can be ordered by dragging and dropping.

Add a launchpad link

You can add a launchpad link if you are an admin of a category or have permission to add personal links.

  1. Select the launchpad icon or press L on your keyboard to be taken straight to the launchpad.
  2. Select the + symbol or Add link in an empty category
  3. Enter a URL to where you're directed when clicking the link.
    • The links generally open in a new window. If a link is created to a document within the platform, the document is opened directly.
  4. Give the link a title or name
  5. Choose a category. You can only see categories that you can manage or the Your links option if you can add personal links.
  6. Select Save link to create it

Using the Microsoft integration, you can control Microsoft 365 apps directly and easily via the launchpad. Find out more about this in this article.

Change the launchpad view

You can change the appearance of your launchpad.

  • You can display the links in a grid or list view.
  • You can opt for a compact view which doesn't display the URLs for each link. 

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