Control the visibility of an event

The organizer of an event can be a person, page or community. The visibility of an event corresponds to the visibility of the respective organizer. Before creating an event, you should consider which target group is permitted to see the event, and create the event in Haiilo accordingly.

If a user creates an event directly via the events overview, they can create a public or private event. You can see the status of the event using the globe or lock symbol shown. 

If you create a private or public event in a community or page with the help of the events app, you cannot customize the organizer – the community is automatically saved as the organizer. 

Which events can I see in the overview?

Depending on the setting of the filter in the left-hand area of the overview, you can see selected events:

The status "All" shows all of the events that exist in the company that you are allowed to see as a user (e.g. also events in private communities).

Under "Subscribed organizer", you can exclusively find events that have a reference to you. This can be reflected in the following features:

  • Events of pages that you follow
  • Events of communities in which you are a member
  • Events of people who you follow

How does the time filter work for events?

If you don’t set the time filter in the events overview, the list shows all events from today’s date. It’s easy to customize the filter and, for instance, set the start date to last year. Then all of the events since last year are shown. The end date can also be set as an option.

How is the visibility of events controlled on the personal timeline?

You see an invitation to an event as a notification in the bell. If a participant then posts something in an event, this post also appears on the personal timeline.

Whether others can see these posts depends, in turn, on the visibility of the event. A post in a private event is exclusively visible to participants invited to the private event. All others see nothing. 

(Past) events are missing from the overview – why?

The events overview is exclusively based on future events. As a result, past events disappear from the overview. To find these again, simply filter in the events overview by the respective date of the event.

What happens to an event if the associated events app is deleted?

Events are organizer-based – as a result, an events app can be deleted without the associated events disappearing for the organizer. The event even remains if the community is deleted. 

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